Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What did you want to be when you were younger?

Childhood Dreams Pictures, Images and Photos

I was thinking today about childhood dreams. It gets boring standing up by the registers. Trust me.
Anyway, I was thinking about what I wanted to be when I grow up....

Story time!

I was five years old at the time, and we were driving back home from spending a wonderful day in town. My mother, brother, moms friend Renee, Renee's kids(Naomi, the eldest. Priscilla the youngest, and Seth the middle child) were all piled up in the van. Somehow we got on the topic of what we wanted to be when we grew up.

My brother said he wanted to be a:

garbage truck Pictures, Images and Photos

That's right. A garbage truck driver. Now, he's in prison... so chances are, he's getting his wish.

Seth wanted to be a:

bunny costume Pictures, Images and Photos

NO. Not a furry. xD We were under the age of eight, you know! The story behind this is, on the highway before we turn off into a dirt road that lead to our house, there used to be this zoo. Outside of the zoo, a person dressed up in almost the exact same costume as that image above would stand out and wave at passing cars. Seth wanted to do that. Ah. Childhood dreams. :D xD

That zoo was later shut down due to cruelty and starvation of animals. Those poor animals always looked so miserable. Even as a child, I noticed it. Hopefully those animals were placed in a more humane zoo. :/

Okay! When the two boys stated what their future career would be, I sat quietly in the back seat. In my mind I had already carefully considered all options and knew exactly what I would be. This was going to be my future career, my five year old self thought confidently. When they were done talking, I suddenly piped up and said.....

"I wanna be a robber!" Determination gripped it's tight claws into my voice, making my five year old self sound strong.

robber Pictures, Images and Photos

There was a short three second pause, and then.... fits of laughter.

Well, I'm sure you have your suspicions now, but I am most certainly not a burglar. Although the thought was tempting when a bunch of horrible stuff kept happening to me.

Yeah. But, I didn't. I don't want to bore you guys with personal problems or anything. It's kind of lame to do that.
Life is getting better though!

Now I'm striving to become an Archaeologist. Which, was another childhood dream of mine. But that's a story for another blog post. :D

So, tell me. What was your dream? And what is your dream, nao?


  1. I wanted to be a professional gamer. I always assumed that would change sometime. I'll let you know.

  2. Hey you, nice story...I would have loved being an astronaut, to see space with my own eyes you know?, to see whats beyond this blue marble.
    But oh well, I'm a software engineer now! which I also love! Take care.

  3. posted at the same time as gamergirl :P

  4. Gamer girl, Don't give up on your dreams! Maybe you could even create games. There is a big market for that, now.

    Geko! HAI. I'm with you. I don't want to be an Astronaut, but one day I will go into space. You probably will too. Our technology is advancing!

  5. Wanted to be an Engineer or some other kind of "thinker". Then I wanted to be a doctor.

    Currently: Student, trying to become a doctor.

  6. I wanted to work at the warehouse so I could get free toys hahaha.

    Now I want to be some sort of computer dude.